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Meet Octavia

I am a family medicine physician, dutiful community advocate and mom of 3 amazing children and I've been immensely blessed to care for patients and families of the upstate for nearly 15 years.

Across my many roles I regularly see the struggles and concerns across our district. Over the years we’ve discussed inability to reliably access healthcare, barriers to quality education, lack of affordable community services, housing and transportation. Increasingly we recognize how unmet community needs play an immense role in our overall health and wellbeing - way more than any prescription or procedure ever could!

Yet decisions are made in Columbia by elected leaders that do not understand the full impact and weight for local families. You deserve a qualified public health servant who uniquely understands how to advocate on your behalf to support a healthier, safer and brighter future for all in South Carolina.

I’ve served in multiple leadership roles within healthcare: leading policy and process change initiatives, served in county, state and national medical organizations, regularly volunteered at free medical clinics and provided inpatient care of our loved ones during the worst of the pandemic. I’ve had the joy of delivering babies, taking care of our children and elderly, advocating for women's health, proudly teaching our future physicians and am a champion of innovation to improve access and equity.

My vast experience as a family and inpatient medicine physician, mom of 3, community leader and health care advocate make me a uniquely qualified choice to represent you and your family in Columbia. Vote for Dr. Octavia - for the health of our community!